A Season of Change

Empowering Enamel Pins

At the start of the year, I had this intense feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same and that changes were coming in a big way. I have always wanted to produce products and artwork with meaning and significance. I want my work to reach people on a deeper level and not only inspire, but motivate people to make a mind shift, or even just lighten their spirits for a bit. Because of this need that has been weighing on my heart, I have been slowly morphing my business and expertise from being a graphic designer offering stationery and marketing design services, to one revolving more around fine art. For those of you that know me, you know that I'm very creative and flexible in all of my abilities. I love experimenting and being challenged in all that I do. In every job I've ever had, I end up being known as a "Jack-of-All-Trades" and it has served me well in the world of being a creative business owner. Because of this, I have done so many different types of work and had my hand in a wide array of businesses and it has allowed me to discover what I truly want to do. This leads me to share the news about all the amazing new things that I have created!

All of my new products are designed and handmade by me! This is very important to me, as I think it makes a difference when an artist truly touches each item he or she sends out into the world. The two first items I want to share are SO exciting to me. I've always wanted to have something of mine professionally manufactured, and enamel pins were the perfect medium to do so.  I just recently had two of my original drawings created into soft enamel pins with empowering messages. I just love these, because they can be given as gifts to lift someone up, and you can sport them on anything from tote bags to ball caps to spread the positive vibes to all that see them. I'm so excited that these got to be made, and are now on their way all across the world to the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Paris, Singapore and all over the US! I loved making these pins so much that I decided to take manufacturing into my own hands and extend my offerings to hand-drawn art pins and jewelry.

I also have a new line of bright and colorful statement jewelry. These pieces are light and fresh; a perfect price point and style for everyday wear. Another accessory I have added are gold foil and hand painted totes. To compliment my pins, I have wall pennants that I sew myself. They are perfect to use as pin displays or just a unique focal point on any wall in your home. I also have a growing collection of art prints and soon I am rolling out some options for custom watercolor artwork. I will be offering my services to paint portraits of your home, pets, motifs for wedding stationery & more. I'll be sure to let you know about this FIRST when I am finally ready to share.

I hope that you continue to follow me as I move forward in this new adventure. I look forward to sharing with you all the new things I create and hope that they touch your life in some way. If I can make you laugh, inspire you or motivate you in some way, I'll consider my work a success.